Manual for chess trainers Step 1


The manual is a great support for the trainer, even if he is an experienced one. Ready made lessons, hints how to use the workbooks, how to give assistance, and so on. Almost everything is to be found there.



  • How children learn to play chess
  • Organisation
  • Motivation
  • Teaching
  • Who should teach chess?
  • Sequence of teaching material
  • Asking questions
  • Giving assistance
  • The workbooks
  • Playing
  • Running groups
  • Certificates

The first Step is divided in 15 lessons.
  1: Board and pieces
  2: Moves of the pieces
  3: Attacking and capturing
  4: The pawn
  5: Defending
  6: Check and getting out of check
  7: Mate (1)
  8: Mate (2)
  9: Castling
10: Profitable exchange
11: Twofold attack
12: Draw
13: Mating with the queen
14: Taking 'en passant'
15: The notation

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