Manual for chess trainers Step 5



Introductory articles about:

  • Subject material (prior knowledge, concepts, transfer, tactics, strategy, attacking the king, opening, endgame, defending)
  • Guidance
  • Individual development
  • Finding a good move
  • Analysing a position
  • Help
  • The trainer
  • Playing chess on the computer (evaluation of a position, which move is the best?, replacing the trainer?, solving exercises on the computer)
  • Chess literature

The fifth step consists of 16 lessons:
1: Material and time
2: Mate
3: Breakthrough
4: How to use pawns?
5: Pawn race
6: The seventh rank
7: Discovered attack
8: The pin
9: The opening
10: Rook against pawn
11: Strong square
12: Defending
13: Rook ending
14: Attacking the king
15: Open file
16: Draws

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