Winnen met Schaken - Kévin Bordy & Samy Robin

Verschenen : Oktober 2022
Druk : 1
Uitvoering : Paperback
Pagina's 192

Learn to play chess like a real grandmaster and win every game! This book takes you on a journey through the amazing world of chess. Discover the power of each chess piece, what tactics and strategies you can use to corner your opponent and how to deliver the final blow to end the battle in your favor. Thanks to the 450 diagrams and the instructive exercises you will quickly master the various openings, defense options and mating patterns. Advanced chess players can further refine their strategy on the basis of the didactic games, which offer insight into the minds of some chess masters. Kévin Bordi is a chess master and content creator. His YouTube channel Blitzstream is the most popular chess channel in France, with nearly 170,000 subscribers. On his website of the same name, he teaches online chess courses. Samy Robin is a FIDE master. He teaches chess and writes content for Chess.com France.

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Winnen met Schaken - Kévin Bordy & Samy Robin

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