The Checkmate Patterns Manual (Hardcover) - Raf Mesotten

Auteur / Author: Raf Mesotten Pagina's / Pages: 376 Uitgever / Publisher: Chessable Jaar / Year: 2022 Type: Hardcover


"The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Chess" There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a chess game with a checkmate. All essential mating patterns, some with intriguing names, are explained in full in this course. You will review every pattern. Master them. And test yourself with 1.000 exercises at all levels of difficulty. These are the killer combinations that will win you games: Anastasia, Greco, Hook, Arabian, Vukovic, Smothered, Suffocation, Corner, Morphy, Pillsbury, Lolli, Opera, Damiano, Max Lange, Dovetail, Swallow's Tail, David & Goliath, Boden, Balestra and the list goes on and on and on. Raf Mesotten is an average club player from Belgium, but he scored a big hit with this Chessable course, which has since been finetuned thanks to continuous feedback of enthusiastic chess improvers. His fans were amazed by the simplicity and the completeness of the course. But most important, they started spotting checkmates in their own games.

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The Checkmate Patterns Manual (Hardcover) - Raf Mesotten

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