The Symmetrical English


"Reprint of the classic from 1999"

The Symmetrical systems of the English Opening constitute a large and important area of modern chess opening theory. The strategic variety to be found within this book is staggering: from the sedate Symmetrical Variation to the wild gambit lines of the Anti-Benoni, and almost everything in between! This book provides detailed coverage of the theory of all lines stemming from 1 c4 c5. It includes many variations that often arise from different openings entirely, such as the Semi-Tarrasch, or when White avoids a Benko or Benoni. A particular highlight is the discussion of the Hedgehog, which a popular workhorse for many tournament players, as it enables Black to play for a win without taking undue risks. Throughout the book, though, Hansen shows that in many lines regarded by a lot of players as boring or uninteresting, there is plenty of scope to liven the game up, if one is familiar with the subtleties.

004 Symbols

005 Bibliography

007 Foreword

009 1) The Pure Symmetrical without 5 Nf3

026 2) The Pure Symmetrical with 5 Nf3: Introduction

050 3) The Pure Symmetrical with 5 Nf3: Main Lines

084 4) The Rubinstein Variation

104 5) The Keres-Parma Variation

117 6) The Three Knights

144 7) The Asymmetrical Variation (3 Nf3 d5)

182 8) The Hedgehog Variation

199 9) The Double Fianchetto

209 10) The Anti-Benoni: Introduction

226 11) The Anti-Benoni: 4...e6 5 Nc3 Nc6

245 12) The Anti-Benoni: 4...e6 without 5 Nc3 Nc6

262 13) Odds & Ends

266 Before You Go

266 If you enjoyed this book

266 More on the English Opening

268 Index of Variations

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The Symmetrical English

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