1000 Checkmate Combinations - Victor Henkin

Auteur / Author: Victor Henkin
Pagina's / Pages: 336
Uitgever / Publisher: Batsford Chess
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: Paperback

"Slightly updated reprint from 2011"

This truly outstanding book, first published in Russian in the 70s and regarded there as a classic, contains everything you need to know about delivering checkmate. It contains a wealth of elegant and sophisticated chess tactics as well as systematic and effective instruction. Each chapter covers a different piece or combination of pieces that is able to deliver checkmate, and provides illustrative templates for just about every mating formation. By working through the book, readers will develop their ability to recognise the potential for a checkmate, as well as the know-how to execute one. Clearly written and beautifully organised, it will appeal to both club and tournament players.

Author Information
Victor Khenkin is a well-respected Russian chess writer and Grandmaster. He is the co-author of Tal's Winning Chess Combinations: The Secrets of Winning Chess Combinations Described and Explained with former world champion Mikhail Tal.

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1000 Checkmate Combinations - Victor Henkin

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