How to Out-Prepare Your Opponent - Jeroen Bosch

Auteur / Author: Jeroen Bosch
Pagina's / Pages: 416
Uitgever / Publisher: New in Chess
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: Paperback

"A Complete Guide to Successful Chess Opening Preparation"

The number of hours you can spend on opening preparation is endless. Books, videos and databases offer hundreds of ever-widening variations. But how do you find your way through this labyrinth? Where do you start? And, maybe even more importantly: where do you stop?

International Master Jeroen Bosch provides a solution to those questions. He presents a structured approach to the study of openings and the preparation for a club match or a tournament game.

Every time-strapped chess improver will love Bosch’s approach: instead of studying more hours or memorizing more lines he advises you to start making smart choices. The goal is not to reach a slight advantage in every possible line. The goal is to dictate what will happen on the board. You want to get a position you understand and are happy to play, and make your opponent feel uncomfortable.

Jeroen Bosch provides you with all the tools you need to dominate the opening phase of the game: how to use move order and how to use tactics. He explains when to play a main line, when to come up with an opening surprise, or when to risk a gambit. And much, much more.

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How to Out-Prepare Your Opponent - Jeroen Bosch

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