Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021


Before you is the tournament book of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021. The event that has been won in sensational fashion by the young Dutch grandmaster Jorden van Foreest.

The format of this tournament book is different from what you might expect. The author chose the highly original idea to group all chapters around all the white games of each player. Starting with the player who finished at the bottom of the final table, Grandmaster Alexander Donchenko. He came to the start as a late substitute and had to pay for that with the last place. The games were thus delivered to yours truly, who was charged with the further production of the book.

We have deliberately chosen to keep the chess technical notes of these reporters very brief. The detailed analyses are elsewhere in the book. But because the re porter tells his story about the games, we could not avoid printing diagrams some times and adding the much-needed commentary. We think this will give the reader a good idea of the events per round.

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Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021

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