Unknown Weapons in the Grünfeld 2024 - Milos Pavlovic

Auteur / Author: Milos Pavlovic
Pagina's / Pages: 404
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2024
Type: Hardcover

The reason for writing another book on the Grünfeld is not only because modern theory has evolved very quickly (to put it mildly) but also because now my approach to the Grünfeld is completely different.

In my first book I wanted to enlighten the reader on those various lines that were less explored, and those that have been almost forgotten but were nevertheless interesting. However this time the book is about cutting-edge lines, which is a very modern approach to this fascinating opening. Moreover it is important to say that when I was writing my first book a few years ago, surprisingly, some of these cur­rent lines simply didn't exist, or were only discussed in a very minor way.

It is true that the Grünfeld fits in very well with the engines' way of playing chess, and in that sense it's almost the perfect opening with which to implement and gen­erate such ideas.

It is very important for Grünfeld players to be able to employ a Grünfeld-type of reaction whenever possible, and not to go for a King's Indian type of play. Of course this is not mandatory, but if there is a good Grünfeld-type reaction then it should be considered first, as in this case.
The Grünfeld is a very active and excellent opening which offers a lot of possibilities with modern and less-explored ideas, and it definitely deserves constant attention.

Milos Pavlovic, 2024

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Unknown Weapons in the Grünfeld 2024 - Milos Pavlovic

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