Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for white


James Rizzitano's goal in this book is to provide you with a one-volume, theoretically sound, dynamic opening repertoire beginning with 1 e4.

Studying the choices of the current top players, he identifies these secrets of their success: Play openings where you have a relatively safe king. Take the bishop-pair in a semi-open position if it is offered to you. Avoid creating unnecessary weaknesses in your own position. Accept questionable gambits and material sacrifices. Absorb any space advantage conceded by the opponent.

His choice of lines to recommend is based on these principles, and supported by detailed work with the current top computer engines. While serious work on chess openings confirms the basic truth that White can't simply force a large advantage from the start position, we can greatly narrow Black's path to safety, and tilt the practical struggle in our favour. To have a chance of half a point, our opponents will need to solve difficult tactical and strategic problems deep into the middlegame.

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Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for white

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